Taylor Family Foundation takes part in Clayton State University’s ‘Give 4 Dreams’ event

clayton-state-give4dreamsMany dream about getting the opportunity to go to college to further their education, but sadly, some won’t have that opportunity simply because they can’t afford it. Clayton State is doing what they can to make sure this doesn’t happen by holding the inaugural “Give 4 Dreams”event.

Held Tuesday, March 1, for 24 hours the school ran an initiative raise funds to go to scholarships, conferences, emergency funds for students, and more.

Noah and Katlyn Foulks attended the event on behalf of the Taylor Family Foundation. Noah Foulks said that attending the event on behalf of the foundation was an honor.

“Unfortunately, if you talked to young people who are attending college you rarely hear anyone say they are looking into going into the transportation industry,” he said. “The ‘Give 4 Dreams’ event is helping students who are seeking to go into the transportation industry, which is awesome to see young people looking to get into the industry…”

Foulks also added how fortunate it is to have a local university that provides the course of study and a degree in transportation and supply chain management.

The Taylor Family Foundation regularly donates funds for scholarships for students in the Supply Chain Management Program, and Bennett International Group’s Marcia Taylor is set to receive an honorary doctorate from the school in May 2016.

For more information about the “Give 4 Dreams event,” visit https://www.clayton.edu/give4dreams.