Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Taylor Foundation is a private, family foundation that was established in 2012. The foundation focuses its giving on; commitment to the Christian Faith, the preservation of family values, the support of children, senior citizen care programs, quality healthcare, the value of education and the blessings of our American Heritage.

What We Value

Nonprofits in Our Community. We look for inspirational organizations that embody the values and beliefs at the core of the Taylor family. We encourage and support collaboration among our grantees to maximize resources in sustaining programs and achieving outcomes. We believe nonprofits play an exceptional and vital role in our communities around America. The sector enriches community life, offers people a way to participate, stands up for underrepresented people, provides needed services, and pioneers solutions to social and economic problems. The goal of the Taylor Family Foundation is to help nonprofits build a strong collective voice, and impact in their communities.